Hong Kong 2017 Summer International Film Festival - What Are You Looking Forward to Seeing?

Hong Kong 2017 Summer International Film Festival program announced - Wilson Yip thriller Paradox is opener

Packaged as a lighter extension of the city’s main film festival, the Summer IFF offers audiences early opportunities to catch new titles - from Hong Kong, Hollywood and elsewhere - and more besides.

Tell us what films you'd like to see, what you think was an egregious omission, and whether you like the event. 

Today many independent filmmakers are making films for distribution on the Web, Netflix, Amazon, and dozens of other platforms. Wish distribution so dispersed, does the old film festival circuit model still make sense? 

We'd like to hear your ideas about new models of events around filmmaking and sharing films. Is there a way we could make it easier for more people to see the kinds of indie films they like. How about getting specific genres to niche markets and doing it in such a way that people could enjoy viewing the films together rather than alone on one's device or at home? 

What's your favorite way to watch a film? Let us know and let's see what we can do to liven up the film community in Hong Kong.