• Professional pool of local and international award winning talent
  • Producing emotionally driven content that engages audiences
  • Igniting ideas and inspiring creativity is what we're all about
  • Connecting brands, ideas and values with a market is what we do

Inspire: To engage the story, brand and message...

The Muse Films offers full service "line production" for film and digital content for companies around the globe. With over 20 years experience in Asia we offer a comprehensive and professional up-to-date filmmaking approach. 

China is increasingly important as a large market, a collaborative creative partner, and investor, with great locations and local talent. China is truly integrated with global entertainment product producers. 

The Asia region has some of the best post-production houses in the world with the technology and skill creative resources that are extremely competitive.

We work hard to establish strong relationships with creative partners across the Asia region.

Our Story

Eight years ago The Muse Films wanted to bring Western Filmmaking quality and expertise to China. A lot has change in a short time. Business models are morphing to keep up with technology, new modes of distribution, and accelerating globalization. Web based advertising has surpassed television for budgets spent in marketing and advertising and as the best platform to build relationships with target markets. 

The Muse Films, like other companies around the globe, are making enormous efforts to keep up. 

Think of Muse Media Services and The Muse Films Ltd. as your private and personal director, producer and new media public relations team. 

The China region is intricately linked with all parts of the globe. Trade, manufacturing, logistics, science, technology, entertainment, design and all other domains of 21st Century commerce and culture are emerging from the Asia region with powerful consequences for markets and humanity. 

That's why our team is focused, like a laser, on values. We are an international group of creators and crafts people who know our stuff. At the core of our skills exists a deep respect for cross cultural communication, relationship building and movement marketing. 

We know our clients and we know who our clients want to impress.


We know how important it is to really know our clients, their challenges, their aspirations, and their context. We take time to understand what it is that you truly want to achieve. Once we are absolutely clear about that, we move on to the next step.

Hushup / SIP / THINGY Secret Island Party Hong Kong 2013. Long Version SC

SIP Sequence Final Promo Craig